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Blaise/Luna LDWS

The First Blaise/Luna Drabble Community

Blaise/Luna Last Drabble Writer Standing
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Hello There!
This is a Blaise Zabini and Luna Lovegood Drabble Communtity! A typical drabble community featring our lovley Ravenclaw Luna and the quite Blaise Zabini! You are free to message siriusisbest racheldjack or mrs_b_zabini if you have any questions about our rules or community, they'll be glad to help you!
Thank You!

This communtity will have two diffrent compitions, a Last Drabble Writer Standing and a normal simple drabble.
For the Last Drabble Writer Standing, we will start with 10 contestents who will compete against each other till there is only one left. Every round a promt is given out and you must write a drabble on that prompt that containt Blaise Zabini and Luna Lovegood as the main ship. You will have one weeks to complete each round. At the end of each round one contestents will emliminated. Every round, one writter will be illiminated until only one is left with the title of Last Drabble Writer Standing.

There wil be awards for First Place, Runner Up, and a particimants award.

.o1 Only community members may enter the challenges.

.o2 Community members must sign up for current round to participate in challenges.

.o3 The first 10 people to comment on the Sign up post will be that rounds participants.

.o4 Challenges will always be posted on a Saturday.

.o5 Responses are due the following Wendsday, by 11:59 Pacific Standered Time.

.o6 Voting will open on Thursday and close Friday at 11PM. That's two days of voting!

.o7 Eliminated contestants will be announced on Saturday morning and the new prompt will be given that afternoon.

.o8 All drabbles must be 499 words or under, unless otherwise specified.

.o9 Please refrain from writing drabbles with explicit sexual situations.

.1o Anonymity is HIGHLY important to the fairness of this competition!
♦ Please do not post your drabbles (or alternate versions) anywhere else until the challenge it was written for is over.
♦ Please do not write drabble responses that are continuations of previous submissions.
♦ What you wrote is to remain both private and anonymous until each voting result is revealed.
♦ Moderators have the right to disqualify manipulative voters
♦ You may use a beta, but please keep it to one person who can keep a secret.

.11 Feel free to pimp your participation in blaiseluna_ldws.

.12 Contestants will have one skip during the round, which they are free to use until there are 4 participants left (semi-finals). However, skips will not be allowed for the first challenge. Sorry, folks.

.13 Please include "Johnny Depp" in your sign up sheet. Explains it's self, no?

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